Commercial trucks

Commercial trucks and dump trailers are significantly larger than your average personal vehicle, which is why these need regular truck or semi truck repair and maintenance, and most importantly brake services. Truck drivers who are employed in dump truck services should also determine when a transmission repair is needed. Their truck parts such as the air conditioning hoses must also be inspected regularly to determine if a broken ac repair service is needed to ensure a safe and comfortable driving. If there are chips or cracks on the windshield, they can obstruct the driver’s visibility so a windshield replacement is recommended. A windshield is something you want to make sure is installed properly or it could cause a serious accident, so make sure you contact a windshield replacement or windshield repair services that you know will be able to take care of things properly. Advanced technical parts which you can get from a truck sales and dealership such as a CAN Display may also be installed in the trucks to improve their safety features. But don’t let the size and the advanced safety features of the vehicle prevent you from driving safely and responsibly. Furthermore, truck operators and drivers must ensure that they are protected by a commercial truck insurance policy.

According to a truck accident lawyer, when accidents occur, the injuries and long term damage can be catastrophic. If this is the case, make sure to contact professional commercial vehicle wreck attorneys whenever your truck drivers get into unfortunate accidents on the road. A semi truck accident attorney knows how to handle the complexities of truck-related accidents. You may also consult social security disability lawyers to know if you are eligible to receive Disability Benefits Assistance, especially when you are unable to work due to your injuries.



We put together this guide to help truck drivers avoid some common mistakes and improve their driving. Check it out now to see how these strategies can improve your driving skills and take your truck to a whole new level of safety.

When you’re ready to improve your driving skills, you’re going to need to get your hands on some good information. Fortunately, we have done the research for you and compiled the following training videos to help you become a better truck driver.

If you enjoy learning about what’s on the road or preparing for a truck driving test, then this is the right resource for you.

What Are Truck-Driving Skills?

To answer this question, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines truck driving as “the operation of a vehicle on the public highways of the United States by a professional, trained driver whose duties include but are not limited to: moving a loaded or unloaded load from point A to point B or the operation of a vehicle on a highway while the vehicle is capable of carrying cargo.” Trucking companies should secure Oversize permits and other documents to prove they are compliant with all the state and federal regulations. They should also provide their drivers access to 24 Hour Truck Road Service in case their vehicles break down while on the road. These Emergency Semi Truck Roadside Repair companies can provide reliable emergency repair services such as semi-truck towing and replacing blown tires with Goodyear truck tires┬áto the fleet that have already been dispatched.

What Truck-Driving Skill Limits Should I Accomplish?

Companies who are looking to fill their available CDL Truck Driver Positions are using truck driving tests that are structured to test a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle on a public highway. While these tests cover a wide range of driving skills, the most important of them is probably the ability to correctly recognize the needs of a semi-trailer, including the fact that you don’t have to drive completely flat. In other words, if you know that you’re driving a semi-trailer, you’re already in the driver’s seat of the most important truck-driving skills you can acquire.

We believe that these tests should not be viewed as “drill-and-retry” test that can be scaled to a wide variety of situations. These tests are designed to test a driver’s knowledge of the rules of the road so that he or she can react appropriately in the event of an emergency. Drivers who successfully pass these tests will get a better understanding of the basic skills that truck drivers have to handle and coordinate with these trucks.

When Should I Take the Truck-Driving Test?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that all truck-driving candidates take the truck-driving test within the first 12 months of getting a driver’s license. The program also recommends that you take the test at least every 18 months to evaluate your driving and competency.

Victims of truck accidents due to negligent or incompetent driving must file a claim, ideally with the help of a truck accident lawyer to ensure they have better chances of getting the compensation they deserve.