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Ten years ago I had heard stories of this amazing road tucked up in Tennessee that had so many turns that it was basically a race track. Myron showed me videos and I was hooked!  I got permission from the SSP powers to plan this as a trip, and 8 foolish mortals blindly followed me.  Thus started a tradition of every October a small group from SSP would travel North looking for twisty roads, fall colors, and good food!  SSP has now traveled from Miami west to the Mississippi and up the delta, discovering the roots of blues, over to the miles of Appalachian roads in search of moonshine, East to the barrier islands of the Outer Banks, through the battlefields of Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, discovered caverns of West Virginia, the mountains lakes and waterfalls of upstate New York, and through the Green Mountains of Vermont.  We’ve experienced breakdowns, breakups, and engagements.  It has been a run ride with everyone, thank you for making these trips what they are.  In celebration of our 10th year, SSP will return and take on the Dragon again, along with many other roads.

Please review the trip ideas below and vote on your favorite.  This will be a central location trip and will be focused on roads, but we will do new stuff that we haven’t done yet in these areas.

Topoco Lodge

Strategically located at the base of the Dragon, this historic lodge on Route 129 is set along a river with an in-house restaurant, and convenient access to The Dragon, Cherohala, Moonshiner, and will give opportunities for day outings to the Devils Triange, Devils Whip, and the Diamondback.

McKinley Edwards Inn

This small Bed & Breakfast would be taken over by SSP near the town of Bryson City.  This location is conveniently located near the Dragon, Moonshiner, Wayeh Road, Nantahala, and the Diamondback.  SSP would also explore the Road to Nowhere, taking a few solo passes.


Old Mill Inn, Damascus, VA

Situated in the small town of Damascus, which is along the Appalachian Trail, this location provides access to roads like the Dragons Back, Ridge runner, and the Snake.  This trip would also include a pass back at the Dragon on the way back to Miami, staying at the Topoco Lodge one or two nights.

Gatlinburg Falls Cabin

Like two other years adventure, we’ll get a 12 room cabin (and 2nd cabin should we hit capacity) on the outskirts of Gatlinburg, giving us access to the Dragon, Foothills Parkway, Cherohala, Devils Triangle, and a few other roads.  The cabin allows us more time in close family contact and more opportunities to cook and spend time together.

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