SSP Miami Meet this coming Thurday!

SSP Miami Meet this coming Thursday night at 8 PM!  Come on our for a nice evening with SSP and dinner at Burger Fi!  Meet starts at 8 PM at the Burger Fi on SW 104th Street and US1, and goes until 11 PM.

HIGH POINT — Every Thursday, weather permitting, an unofficial but passionate group of car enthusiasts takes their old cars to Let’s Talk Cars.

The group came to fruition in 1994 after Jack Baker and Lacy Gordon, two longtime friends and High Point natives, decided to share their passion for old cars with those in the community. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year.

“Me and my friend have always been car nuts,” said the 75-year-old Baker. “Over the years, we’ve had all kinds of cars, and the people in High Point started getting really pumped, so we decided to just have a place where we can meet on Thursday nights and talk about cars and show our cars off.”

At its first meeting, 14 cars showed up. Today, the event attracts as many as 250 cars and 2,500 people a week from all over North Carolina, as well as the East Coast. There are plenty of vehicles that are transported here by a car shipping service. Oftentimes, people who don’t have an old car will stop by to join the festivities as well, said Chris Collins, owner of High Point Body and Paint.

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“It’s about people too,” Collins said. “It’s not only about cars. The cars are a bonus. You get to look at pretty cars, but you also see a lot of people you know, a lot of people you haven’t run across in a while.”

As the interest grew, the parking lot in front of Kagan’s Furniture Co. started filling with participants. Sometimes, on a good evening, the lot overflows and participants have to park in nearby lots.

With such a large number of people, Baker said his favorite part of Let’s Talk Cars is meeting all of them. He has met lawyers, doctors, policemen and firefighters, among thousands of other people, on the Thursday gatherings. We learn about cars, their parts and effective ways and hacks for each one of them. There are mechanics ready for your inquires, we will talk about overheating and many of the common issues, as Overheating also is one of the symptoms of overfilled transmission fluid which is the most common but easiest to fix.

“We’ve made some friends from all over the country — Virginia, South Carolina, the mountains — they come back and bring their kids,” he said.



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