NOTICE: After some discussions and careful considerations, we have come to the conclusion that it would be best to postpone the cruise this evening. We have based this on the fact that our main route was intended to take us through downtown Miami, and they currently have a shelter in place order. Miami-Dade County has also asked all residents to only drive for essential services and goods. And lastly we have spoken with our favorite officer, who has informed us that they are getting lots of calls about people congregating and meeting, and are going to start cracking down.

We want to be good members of our community and we also want to not put any of our members at risk. We’re hoping for a good response to these governmental measures and a quick return to normal life. We will be in touch when we feel that we can have meetings or events in the coming days and weeks. Hope all of you are well and understand this decision. We miss and love you all, so please again speak up, BOTHER US, if you need anything. We are a big family within a community that is all going through the same experience.

In the meantime, post up some of (your) pics of the car, repairs, cleaning, etc. Lets stay active and in touch with one another!


Here is the original plan:


Ok, so in this new TEMPORARY world we are living in, we still want to give you gals and guys something to look forward to from SSP.  So we are being responsible and organizing a night cruise, Thursday March 26th at 8 PM.  We will meet up at our usual spot, the Target parking lot in front of Burger Fi on US1 and SW 104th Street, at 8 PM sharp!  We will cruise out together, shoot North for some lights, action, and sounds through downtown Miami.  The length of the cruise will be about one hour in total.

Please note that we will be using RADIOS ONLY.  NO ONE IS TO GET OUT OF THE CAR TO HUG, HANDSHAKE, TALK ETC WITH OTHER MEMBERS.   We will be exercising automotive social distancing, we need to do our part to help limit the time we will be experiencing this disruption to our lives.

We will be using standard walkie-talkie type radios, channels will be 8 – 0 .  You can get any type from Amazon or if you’d like to get the digital system we’ve been using, here’s a link:

Please post up in facebook, instagram, or merely text me at 305-495-2564 with any questions, comments, or concerns!

Hope everyone remains well!


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