Please consider helping us with our yearly expenses to keep the club open, active, and involved!

Our club was established as an all-inclusive car and truck group with the goal to eliminate memberships, dues, and requirements.  All you needed was to love cars and trucks, and to be involved!

Over the years the club has had some minor costs to keep things running, and some anonymous members have given of their time, money, and talents to make them happen.  We want to thank all of them for this commitment.

SSP has now established itself as a not-for-profit club, undertaken a yearly charity car show, and has entered into an agreement for a formal meeting location.  With this expansion comes some responsibility and costs.

We want to maintain our open membership and due-free club concept, but we do need YOUR HELP to keep us running!

Please consider donating to the club to help with these yearly expenses during our November fundraising!  These expenses run us about $750 per year, and they include:

  • Yearly website maintenance, hosting, and domain registration
  • Yearly liability insurance premiums
  • Yearly Not-for-profit registration and filing fees
  • General costs for SSP stickers, shirts, and club promotions

Please consider helping us out with whatever you can afford.  Every donation goes directly to the club and will be used for these SSP Miami Car Club related expenses only.